Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grinning Studios VLOG 7-12-2012

Grinning Studios is going to be changing soon with great new content and projects. This VLOG is my way of sharing information about those projects. Enjoy.
Gear in the video.

Quest Gaming Network. My build was the tower... not a castle but got a mention for my design. This challenge was 100% survivor mode. Skip to 7:50 for my Tower build.

Quest Gaming Network. Build off #4. This dungeon build I did with my Ausie friend, Sarif, took two weeks. I wish you could see more, because there were plenty of areas that didn't get shown. We got 1st place out of some 20 or so qualified builds. The parts I built were the entrance, the tower, the biomes and everything up to the cathedral. After that, Sarif did the rest. This challenge was 100% creative mode.

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